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What To Wear After A Spray Tan

What To Wear Before and After A Spray Tan (Best Clothes)


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Are you wondering what to wear after a spray tan? Or before it? Don’t worry, here are all questions answered to make your spray tanning experience bliss!

One of the first issues that bother the mind during a spray tan session is the thought of what to wear after a spray tan session.


The good news is, soon you will be removing that issue from your checklist and your fresh spray tan will be the only thing on your mind without having to worry or get worked up over what to wear anymore.

But first, let’s picture this scenario right here:

Let’s believe you are the type that usually does get their tan with self-tanning oil and lotions at home,  and not used to spray tan appointment but you’ve just decided to try out this great tan salon your friend raves about. You have questions racing through your mind such as: What do I wear while getting the spray tan appointment? And what do I wear after my spray tanning session? But, you ignore the thoughts and feel confident in your little experience about what to wear before spray tanning, during and after it, you decide to skip the research and other expert opinions and make for the appointment.


Several minutes later, there you are, stepping out of the spray booth feeling less than happy with yourself, and the result of your fresh tan, because it’s not been the total success you had expected. You find out that not only did the bronze tanning solution ruin your beautiful dress with brown stains, but that you’ve also sustained several tan lines which may have ended up botching the whole tanning session and ultimately wasted your time.

This scenario is awful and tanning clients must try to avoid it. And in the spirit of avoiding it, we’ve put together this article to help guide you every step of the way as you get ready for your next spray tanning appointment.

Ok, let’s dive into it…


Does What You Wear Before or After A Spray Tan Matter?

Absolutely! It does matter. What you wear before or after a spray tan session is pivotal to the entire success of the procedure. If you’re determined to avoid the dreadful scenario cited at the beginning of this article and aim for successful tanning, then you have to put a lot of thought into subjects such as – what to wear, and what not to wear, and this is because even the most professionally made bronze spray tanning solution can get ruined easily by the choices of dress worn after the spray tans session.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Put Clothes On?

Waiting for a few hours, preferably 9 to 12 hours is strongly advised before putting on skin-tight or huggy clothes, but this does not apply to tan through clothes. It’s okay to put on your loose-fitted dress or flowy gowns immediately after you’ve come off of a spray tanning booth. However, it’s inappropriate to go for dresses that are tight, huggy, or grippy on the skin.

How Long After A Spr

Also, when picking clothes, avoid going for the ones that their wearing pattern demands that you pull them down over your face as these types of clothes habitually just drag the face skin downwards and end up rubbing off the tan while also huddling the hair against the tanned skin. Go for tan through shirts with buttons that putting them on typically starts and ends sideways and feels as easy as when you put your light backpack on.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can I Wear Tight Clothes?

You should wait at least 6 hours to 9 hours after your spray tan before wearing tight clothes. This will give the tan time to set and develop properly. Wearing tight clothes too soon after a spray tan can disrupt the development of the tan and cause the spray tan to rub off.

To expand on that, it is best to avoid any sort of friction on your skin for the first few hours after your spray tan. This means no tight clothing, no exercise, and no saunas or steam rooms. All of these things can cause your tan to fade or rub off prematurely. So if you want your spray tan to last, it’s important to be patient and give it time to develop properly before exposing it to anything that might cause it to wear off.


When Is The Best Time To Wear Normal Clothes After A Spray Tan?

After 9 hours at least for lighter spray tanning, and 12 hours for a darker spray tan. Waiting that long before putting on your normal clothes allows the spray tan enough time to stick and dry off.  

Although it largely depends on the intensity of the tan you’re getting (that is, whether it’s just a fair bronze tan you’re looking to achieve, or something much darker), which some may demand that you stay off your normal clothes for longer than others. You know how it takes longer periods for fully drenched clothes to dry off, and a shorter time for half drenched, that’s the same way it works when tanning your skin. While darker tan means there is a high concentration of the tanning solution on the skin, needing a longer duration to dry off; lighter tan involves less solution and so doesn’t take as long to dry.

What You Should Wear Before A Spray Tan Session

When coming in for a spray tanning appointment, it’s advisable to don loose clothing like sheer or very light polyester garments and to have already exfoliated the skin (this means removing the outermost layer of the skin so the bronze tanning solution can stick seamlessly).

What You Should Wear Before A Spray Tan Session

For some people who are comfortable being in the nude, getting their spray tan completely stark naked can be a very effective way to ensure evenness and avoid unwanted tan lines and broken bronze spray. However, for persons and clients who aren’t so big on going naked, disposable thongs or two-pieces can be effectively utilized. For clients who opt to don clothes, it’s best to go with very breathable dark clothes so you won’t have to worry about getting spray tan stains or ruining your dress with brown stains.

Whatever preference you have, it’s important to know that going in requires as few clothes as possible, and coming out needs any loose clothing you can get a hold of.

What You Should Wear During A Spray Tan Session

During a spray tan, disposable thongs, light clothes without hinges, loose jumpsuits, frothy skirts, and other flowy dresses are the best kind of dresses that typically offer comfort and are ideal to wear when getting a spray tan.

What To Wear During A Spray Tan Session

Some of the best breathable clothes to wear during a spray tan for Women are:

Some of the best breathable clothes to wear during a spray tan for Men are:

It could get very tricky when trying to figure out what to wear during a spray tanning session but when picking wears you might want to consider comfortable clothing that is light and breathable so you can feel comfortable in them. The key factor here is to try as much as possible to put on something very comfortable which at the same time allows the skin the freedom that it needs to blend well with the bronze tanning solution when being sprayed on.

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Specialized patches like tanning eye stickers or coverings also play important roles and could also be used – per the tanning salon specialist’s instruction – on delicate places such as the eyes and other vital parts to avoid the spray solution breezing in those vital parts and causing serious health repercussions.

What To Wear After A Spray Tan Session

On the top body part, wear loose-fitting clothes that are easy-to-put-on, and easy to take off, or any breathable dress that doesn’t hug, grab or glue too tightly on the skin but is loose-fitted instead. Light, flowy shirts or gowns that are free and don’t have drawstrings are especially suitable post spray tanning and could be tested and tried on before the tanning session to be sure they meet requirements. 

What To Wear After A Spray Tan Session

Some of the best Women breathable clothes to wear after a spray tan are:

Some of the best Men breathable clothes to wear after a spray tan are:

From the waist down, make sure to carefully slip into comfortable clothing like short trousers or breathable long pants (harem trousers), free-floating skirts, disposable thongs, loose shorts, or sweatpants; just about whatever works for you. Remember to always make sure that what you wear is comfy, allows you freedom in terms of movement, and does not induce friction against your skin like tight shorts.

What You Should Not Wear After A Spray Tan Session

It’s pretty straightforward. Avoid wearing tight clothes, tight shorts, tight strips, leggings, stockings, half-boots, or any kind of jeans trousers, or jackets. If you want to come out of your spray tanning session with a grin like a Cheshire Cat, wears like that are out of bounds so you do not put those on right after getting a spray tan. Reason? It’s simple. If you wear tight clothes, they tend to tighten up too much against your skin and smear the sprayed tan out of place, creating undesired seam lines and making your skin appear two-toned and somewhat hideous.

what not to wear after a spray tan session

Clients seeking optimum tan results in every tanning session they attend must avoid going in for an appointment wearing anything tight, heavy, or too closely fitted to the skin. Since tanning your skin involves spraying a temporary bronze-colored tanning solution on them, it means the tan is going to need time to dry off and blend, so any wear hugging the sprayed skin at that moment will rub it off and cause distortion. So for this reason, it’s best not to wear socks, leave behind your shoes and go for slippers instead, and ditch your trimmed blouse, pieces of jewelry, ornaments, sweat pants, and other drawstring wears until after the tan has developed. If you must put on clothes while getting a spray tan, wear dark clothes that are flowy, or a loosely-fitted dress. As much as possible, avoid wearing a tight bra as they can give you tan lines and don’t really work well with the procedure.


Is It Better To Wear Pants Or Shorts After A Spray Tan?

Yes, you can either wear a pant or a short after getting a spray tan, as long as they are free and breathable, so they don’t smear your spray tan, they will definitely work. 

Some of the best Women Pants you can wear after a spray tan are:

Some of the best Men Pants you can wear after a spray tan are:

Some of the best Women shorts you can wear after a spray tan are:

Some of the best Men shorts you can wear after a spray tan are:

The right practice after a spray tan is usually to wear dark and loose-fitting because they help bypass any possibility of the clothing getting discolored or smearing away the bronze solution and defacing the whole effort. However, if clients feel a compulsory nudge to get into shorts or pants, they should try to wear dark clothes, possibly linen-made, and as much as possible, free on the skin. Although sometimes it depends on the kind of pants or shorts you are opting for; the lower body wears such as jammies, baggy yoga pants, and slackened shorts are some of the best options to go for.

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Should You Take Your Bra Off For A Spray Tan?

You don’t necessarily have to take off your bra for a spray tan if you are not tanning that part of your body. Although it has proven to be more effective applying tan on nude skin, if you feel uncomfortable taking off your bra or other underwear, by all means, feel free to leave them on but make sure they don’t take too much space to avoid tan lines and are as much as possible, not too tight.


Depending on the type of bra, tanning salon specialists with vast experience might recommend clients go for a strapless bra if they must put something on. These kinds of bras are typically less tight, help avoid tan lines, and do not cover up too much skin.

How Long Can You Put A Bra On After A Fresh Spray Tan?

Yes, you can put on a bra after a spray tan, your underwear can also be worn provided this is happening at about 9 to 12 hours after coming off the spray tan booth. Waiting anywhere above this time is essentially advised, and this is because the few hours of allowing the skin some freedom also work to support the blending and developing process the tan undergoes on the surface of the skin.

Another important factor that can extend further the duration you are made to wait before wearing your bra and other underwear is the degree or hue of tan you are aiming to achieve. The darker the tan, the more time it needs to dry off, develop and blend with the skin.


How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Wear Jeans?

To avoid wasting time and money by ruining your spray tan, it’s best to steer clear of all things jeans for the next 24 hours at least to be on the safe side. This is because jeans can be tight, heavy, coarse, and tend to always either press down on the skin or cause heavy perspiration (sweating) – which is one thing any undeveloped tan does not want.

Because jeans materials are naturally hard and heavy, it shouldn’t be among the set of first clothes you think about putting on after you’ve just come off a spray tanning booth.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Wear Jeans

Trust me, you do not want to wear tight clothes like jeans because you will risk ruining your beautiful spray tan and your favored jeans wear at the same time just because you can’t wait for a couple of hours for your tan to dry off and develop.


When Can You Wear Leggings After A Spray Tan?

The common practice with tight clothing like leggings is to keep them tucked safely away in the closet for at least the next 12 hours, so your spray tan will have completely been effective on skin with little to no possibility of it being violated by the dramatic wearing pattern which goes with all leggings.

When Can You Wear Leggings After A Spray Tan

Aside from refraining from early donning of your tight clothes like jeans; leggings, tight shorts, and all other kinds, are also a worse choice to go for immediately after you’ve completed a spray tan because they are usually very tight and glued to the body.


How Long After Tanning Can I Take A Shower?

Staying away from taking your first shower anywhere from 9 hours upward is a good time for a fresh tan to develop since the tan solution can take several hours to fully dry and get absorbed by the skin. Still, do not rush to jump into the jacuzzi, or take your first shower just yet after a fresh tan. If you by any means feel hot and need a chilly sensation to feel better, stationing at high ventilation corners of your home can work wonders, and not only in making you feel better on your skin but also in aiding the rate at which the tan can blend, develop, and dry off faster.



So there you have it! All your questions on spray tan clothing were effectively answered. So, for tanning newbies, or those clients who are already on regular appointments with their tanning salons specialist, you’ve got the idea why your previous tanning sessions weren’t as happily done as you desired, and why henceforth you should carefully consider what to wear and what not to wear while getting your spray tan.

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